We make a lot of it.

If you find Greensboro boring, get informed and get with the program. If you think we're too loud--look away now.

List of shows and general happenings in/around Greensboro, NC. ...sprinkled with choice events in cool spots across the country.

Mostly compiled by Katei Crash, a central-NC mover and shaker.

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Southern accents and Segram’s 7 at #Lucero #kissmygrits #riotfest

Apparently, Morrisey turned Billy Bragg on to Throat Coat tea. #todayilearned #riotfest

Good morning hopscotch! Greetings from Joule Coffee, where I’m sipping a whiskey n’ cold brew concoction.


Day shows I’m catching:
- Everymen at Slims.
- Brief Lives at the CAM.
- Black Santa at Nice Price.
- Thurston Moore at Kings.
- Spider Bags at Slims. (at Joule Coffee)

Katei Crash here, I’m hopping ‘round Hopscotch, but there’s loads of fun to still be had ‘round town.

As, for tonight….

Hello, Hopscotch….

If you’re in Raleigh… FIND ME!

If you’re in Greensboro, get yer tail to hell raiser haus!

Lovely saturday day at whodat. Realizing most of my instajamz didn’t go through.

@triad_city_beat had a lovely little party. Throw their kickstarter some cash. #indyjourno

Greetings from #collegehill #postcardmorning #gso

Holly George-Warren, author of “A Man Called Destruction: The Life and Music of Alex Chilton, From Box Tops to Big Star to Backdoor Man”  

Right now at Scuppernong (at Scuppernong Books)

Parking lot scalliwags and Greensboro girls. #themeatmen #yousuck (at Bandito’s Burrito Lounge)

You see a show, you have a swim. You see a show, you have a swim.

#hadadslake is a little slice of heaven.
#theblob #ropeswings #moshpits
#gwarbq <3